I know, I know. A hashtag for a title? But it really does explain why we haven’t posted in a month, at least partially. 

Rachel had a awesome round of family trips this past month, and being the good friend she is and not wanting me to be without reading material while she was gone, she mailed me three books this round. Or so I was later informed.

Fun fact – if you send things by media mail in an envelope in the middle of a rather rainy (and therefore humid) summer, it is quite possible for the envelope to come unsealed (perhaps after an inspection?) and all of the books to fall out somewhere in between the Midwest and the South. Moral of the story, an empty envelope, addressed to me, showed up on my doorstep shortly after she left the country!

We’ve got one more round of summer books to go, and we both agreed, that this has to keep going during the school year. So be on the lookout for more awesome books!



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